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Over the last decade, our customers became leading names in the cutting edge world of the industrial, automotive and consumer products. We consider these professionals to be not only loyal clients but also long term partners.

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Plastic, Packing, Textiles, Cardboard, Marble, Tobacco, Aluminum, metal and steel industries - Gas Stations and Furniture commerce Agriculture, Construction and mechanical operations - Medical, Chemical, Food beverages and Cosmetics applications - Glass Processing and Electrical technologies - Printing Press, Jewelers, water proofing companies - Refrigerating and heating Systems and much more.

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Our company runs its own maintenance & rebuild department, serving all packaged compressors, vacuum system & their relevant components of pneumatic equipment and tools.

Additionally, we highlight our readiness to servicing different brands, moreover a speedy on location technical team covers our clients' needs pertaining to trouble-shooting and analyses.

Also, periodical maintenance service contracts are projected to our clients providing a quality control assurance in order to maintain our professional standard aiming for complete customer satisfaction.